Ghibli Jazz 2 - All That Jazz (1xLP Vinyl Record) [SRVLP-2]


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You’d be forgiven for not knowing about these Studio Ghibli commissioned jazz reworkings of much-loved classic soundtracks with the three-piece All That Jazz being one of Japan’s best kept secrets until now. Originally put together by the power-house animation studio for a series of jazzed-up covers, the group took off with their simple yet moving set-up of piano, bass and drums, and afterwards went on to do another record of anime classics. Sprinkled with complementary instruments, the project is tied together by the soothing vocals of Yukiko Kuwahara. On this second record, you can find the main theme of Spirited Away, three cuts from My Neighbour Totoro, the theme to the more recently appraised Only Yesterday and carefully curated tracks.

Released by P-VINE.

Release Notes

  • Compilation of Studio Ghibli-commissioned jazz reworkings
  • Being played more than 368k times / 140 countries on Spotify
  • First time pressing on vinyl
Track List
  1. The Path of Wind (My Neighbor Totoro)
  2. On A Clear Day... (Kiki's Delivery Service)
  3. Sampo (My Neighbor Totoro)
  4. The Girl Who Fell From The Sky (Castle in the Sky)
  5. Meguru Kisetsu (Kiki's Delivery Service)
  6. The Legend Of Ashitaka (The Princess Mononoke)
  7. The Rose (Only Yesterday)
  8. Therru's Song (Tales from Earthsea)
  9. One Summer's Day (Spirited Away)
  10. Always With Me (Spirited Away)
  11. Arrietty's Song (Arrietty)
  12. The Promise Of The World: The Merry-Go-Round Of Life (Howl's Moving Castle)

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