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West of Loathing (Original Game Soundtrack) - Ryan Ike (1xLP Vinyl Record)


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Ryan Ike’s soundtrack to West Of Loathing, considered by many to be one of the best games of 2017!

West Of Loathing is a unique RPG from Asymmetric Publications, the studio that brought the long-running Kingdom Of Loathing to many a PC’s web browser nearly 20 years ago. A unique comedy-western RPG with a heavy emphasis on the comedy, Ike’s score captures the soul of the spaghetti western soundtrack and brings it to the 21st century, managing to maintain the feel of the old west (circa 1960s Italy) without completely referencing the famous movie scores that one would immediately think of. It’s a callback AND an original, and it’s all kinds of wonderful.

The album is available on limited edition clear vinyl with white & black splatter, and features new artwork by the exceptionally talented Drew Wise, so level up your moxie and holster your deputized pistol, because the West Of Loathing soundtrack is mandatory listening to all you Cow Punchers, Beanslingers and Snake Oilers out there… whether you can do a silly walk or not!




Track List
Side A

1. What in Tarnation
2. West of Loathing (Main Theme)
3. A Cave is a Sideways Hole
4. Better Luck Next Time, Pilgrim
5. The Quick and the Undead (Spooky)
6. Draw!
7. Sit Fer a Spell
8. El Vibrato Fanfare
9. Newfangled Contraptions

Side B

1. Dirtwater Jam Band
2. Fastest Pointer Finger in the West
3. Misbehave (In this Cave)
4. The Sticks-For-Hands Rag
5. This Song is Public Domain
6. The Quick and the Undead (Scary)
7. These Boots Were Made for Moseyin'
8. Please Buy Our Game (Trailer)
9. Panic! South of 'Frisco

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