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Video Game LoFi: Secret of Mana - bLiNd (Cassette Tape)


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Game composer and accomplished remixer bLiNd serenades us with their newest album, “Video Game LoFi: Secret of Mana.” Over the course of 12 tracks, bLiNd masterfully blends the vibrant yet melancholic atmosphere of Hiroki Kikuta’s original soundscape with uplifting guitars and flutes, angelic vocals, and warm yet crunchy bass and lofi drums.

Also available on vinyl and CD.

“Secret of Mana holds a near and dear place in my heart,” says artist bLiNd. “When I first heard the music to the game I had just gotten out of surgery on my left ankle. My dad rented me Secret of Mana and I was a little doped up on the meds and anesthesia. Since I was in a dream state the music stood out the most to me and I have always wanted to cover my favorite tracks in some way. Lofi Hip Hop seemed to be the most viable genre to cover the selection of tracks and my goal was to stay somewhat close to the original so as not to lose their feel and embellish the rest with swinging beats and basslines. I am proud of this one.”

Track List
  1. Angel's Love (Fear of the Heavens from "Secret of Mana")
  2. Tell a Strange Tale (from "Secret of Mana")
  3. Into the Thick of It (from "Secret of Mana")
  4. Holy Intruder (from "Secret of Mana")
  5. A Wish… (from "Secret of Mana")
  6. Eternal Recurrence (from "Secret of Mana")
  7. Eight Ringing Bells (from "Secret of Mana")
  8. Star of Darkness (from "Secret of Mana")
  9. Whisper and Mantra (from "Secret of Mana")
  10. Pure Night (from "Secret of Mana")
  11. The Wings No Longer Beat (from "Secret of Mana")
  12. Close Your Eyelids (from "Secret of Mana")

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