The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2xLP Vinyl Record)


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Everyone’s favorite plumbers are in their first-ever animated feature, The Super Mario Bros. Movie, bringing with them everything you’ve come to expect.

Composer Brian Tyler certainly delivered, playing off the iconic, instantly recognizable themes by Koji Kondo. The Super Mario Bros. Movie soundtrack is an epic in its own right, delivering swelling, grand orchestral themes.

Red & Green colored vinyl, housed in a beautiful gatefold jacket, showcasing a plethora of incredible art straight from the stellar team at Illumination.

  • Red and Green 2xLP
  • Music from The Super Mario Bros. Movie
  • Featuring the song “Peaches” performed by Jack Black as Bowser
  • Score Composed by Brian Tyler
  • Original Nintendo Themes by Koji Kondo

© 2023 Nintendo. Distributed by Back Lot Music, a division of Universal Studios Music LLLP under license from Nintendo. Motion Picture Artwork & Photos © 2022 Nintendo and Universal Studios.


[Side A]

Press Start

King of the Koopas

Plumbin’ Ain’t Easy

It’s a Dog Eat Plumber World

Saving Brooklyn

The Warp Pipe

A Strange New World

The Darklands

Welcome To The Mushroom Kingdom


[Side B]

2 Player Game

The Mushroom Council

The Plumber and the Peach

Platforming Princess

World 1-1

The Adventure Begins

Lost and Crowned


Courting the Kongs

[Side C]

Super Marios Bros. Opus

Drivin’ Me Bananas

Rumble in the Jungle


Practice Makes Perfect

Buckle Up

Rainbow Road Rage

Blue Shelled

[Side D]

Level Complete

An Indecent Proposal

The Belly of the Beast

Fighting Tooth and Veil

Tactical Tanooki

Grapple in the Big Apple


The Super Mario Brothers

Bonus Level

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