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Syberia: The World Before (Original Game Soundtrack) - Inon Zur (2xLP Vinyl Record)


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Decca Records is proud to present the original soundtrack to Syberia: The World Before, the fourth installment in the cult adventure video game series Syberia.

This soundtrack stands alone as a stunning and romantic suite for orchestra and solo pianist, featuring intricate, highly melodic orchestral works by EMMY-award winning composer Inon Zur, and featuring GRAMMY-nominated Emily Bear on piano.

This exquisite 2-LP color vinyl soundtrack from Decca Records US features concept drawings by Benoît Sokal. It is an undeniable collector’s piece and a loving tribute to the Syberia franchise’s visionary creator.

Track List
  1. The Hymn Of Vaghen
  2. Forgotten Train
  3. Those Lost Days
  4. Kate Walker (The World Before Variation)
  5. Dreams To Be Broken
  6. A Nice Person
  7. Rising For Adventure
  8. Dana Roze
  9. Legacy (Forgotten Memories)
  10. Four Iron Legs
  11. Two Different Minds
  12. The World Before
  13. A Quiet Place
  14. Leni Renner
  15. Resistance
  16. Not Just A Living
  17. Specimen
  18. Leon Kobatis
  19. Moonlight Tension
  20. Maternal Instinct
  21. A Detour She Will Always Regret
  22. The Silberspiegel Battle
  23. The Devil's Pass
  24. Bitter Liberation
  25. An End To Everything
  26. Olivia Foster
  27. Just A Ghost
  28. There Will Always Be A Train
  29. Shattered Destiny

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