Sea of Thieves (Original Soundtrack) - Robin Beanland (3xLP Vinyl Record)


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Legendary developer RareXbox Game Studios, and iam8bit have been collaborating for quite a lot of years.

Despite countless cool projects, the very product description you’re reading recalls our most ambitious endeavor yet. Since its debut in 2018, Sea of Thieves has become as mighty as a thousand galleons traversing the treacherous sea – and we thought it only appropriate to create a vinyl soundtrack worthy of such a voyage.

From sweeping orchestral epicness to jauntily infectious sea shanties featuring composer Robin Beanland’s favorite instrument, the hurdy-gurdy, this 3xLP is the ultimate desert island vinyl (provided you’re also stranded with a turntable). Befittingly, our dear pal Umbra offered us a compliment to those tunes – tall tales from all about, as recited by that grizzled old salt, “Merry” Merrick. Across an illustrated, 24-page storybook bound into the gatefold jacket, you’ll discover bounties of exclusive lore once thought lost to the depths of the ocean. After a few pints, Merrick has no secrets, it seems. This is the ultimate treasure for Sea of Thieves superfans, absolutely drenched in detail. 

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