Singularity X: Area X tracks from Rez Infinite - Hydelic (ORANGE 1xLP Vinyl Record)


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For years, fans have been pleading for this album — and finally, it’s here. 

Introducing the definitive Rez Infinite: Area X vinyl soundtrack, a 1xLP that will take you on a journey through infinity. Composer, DJ and ingenue mastermind, Hydelic, is our psychedelic spirit guide, as we fly through the trancey, dancey tracks of Area X — transforming your living room into an ephemeral palace of space and time. Including five previously unreleased tracks, this collection is the completionist version, featuring all 12 songs together, for the very first time. 

This package is housed in a beautifully produced die-cut jacket, artfully designed by design deity, Cory Schmitz.

  • Housed in an Elegant Diecut Jacket
  • Music by Hydelic
  • Album Art by Cory Schmitz
  • Mastered for Vinyl by Townsend Mastering

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