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Return to the Wild - Ro Panuganti (Compact Disc)


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Return to the Wild is a progressive metal and diverse arrangement album featuring tracks from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild soundtrack by Ro Panuganti.

A spiritual successor to 2017's "The Wild" EP, this album encompasses a slew of talented guests across classical, jazz, and metal backgrounds and inspired covers with extended-range guitar, virtuosic guitar solos, somber anthems, and untold works from the breathtaking video game soundtrack. Featuring 14 arrangements from the original EP and new ballads, battle themes, and town themes across Hyrule, Return to the Wild invites the familiar and new to take another bold step.

Track list
  1. Awaken
  2. Guardian
  3. Riding Day
  4. Hinox
  5. Kass
  6. Gerudo Town
  7. Tarrey Town
  8. Zora
  9. Korok Forest
  10. Shrine
  11. Molduga
  12. Rito
  13. Hyrule Castle
  14. Sheikah Tower

Ro Panuganti - Guitars, Bass, Voice, Aux. Percussion, Arranging, Mixing
Allison Martin - Trombone/Trumpet on "Hinox", Additional Guidance, Transition Arrangements, and Special Thanks
David Russell - Piano on Tracks 1,3,7,8,13
AHMusic - Guitar Solo on “Zora”
Insaneintherainmusic - Saxophone Solo on “Guardian”
Joe Calderone - Bass on Tracks 5,13
Jack "ToxicXEternitty" Fliegler - Guitars on "Hyrule Castle"
Christian Richardson - Guitars on "Kass Theme"
MattAttack - Guitars on "Gerudo Town"
DSMusic - Piano on "Tarrey Town"
ACappellaVGM - Vocals on "Shrine"
String Player Gamer - Violins on "Molduga"
David Erick Ramos - Ocarina on "Tarrey Town"
Patti Rudisill - Violin on "Korok Forest"
Joe Zieja - Guest Monologue on "Hyrule Castle"

Allen Brasch - Distribution, Additional Guidance and Special Thanks
Isa Alcantara - Album Artwork
James C. Hoffman - Mastering

Thanks to early listeners, feedback givers, Patreon supporters, GameGrooves, and Nintendo for creating these adventures.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild by Nintendo Co Ltd.
Original songs composed by Manaka Kataoka, Yasuaki Iwata

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and related Zelda properties are © Nintendo. Ro Panuganti are in no way affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected to Nintendo with respect to this album. Musical compositions are © 2017 Nintendo and are used with permission. Mechanical licensing facilitated by Affordable Song Licensing LLC.

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