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Objection! ~ Greatest Hits of the Great Ace Attorney - Wayne Strange (1xLP Vinyl Record)


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OBJECTION! ~ Greatest Hits From the Great Ace Attorney spotlights eight of the most popular songs from The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, a duology that recounts the story of Meiji era Japanese lawyer Ryunosuke Naruhodo, who travels to the faraway, burgeoning empire of Great Britain. Partnered with the ever-eccentric great detective Herlock Sholmes, Ryunosuke must navigate the dark corners of England’s legal system in order to defend its most hapless souls. The album first and foremost aims to honor the spirit of the original music, while also expanding on its narrative qualities and enhancing instrumentation. Hurry! The game is afoot!

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Release Notes

  • 1xLP vinyl record
  • Music by Wayne Strange
  • Illustrations by Daniel Jimenez-Wall


Producer: Wayne Strange
Original Composers: Yaumasa Kitagawa, Miromitsu Maeba
Violin: Ari Fisher
Mastering: Sam Ferrara
Album Art: Rozen

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Track List
  1. Ryunosuke Naruhodo - Objection!
  2. Tobias Gregson - The Great Detective's Great Foe
  3. Barok van Zieks - The Reaper of the Bailey
  4. Susato Mikotoba - A New Bloom in the New World (Piano Arrangement)
  5. Summation Examination
  6. Herlock Sholmes - Great Detective of Foggy London Town
  7. Kazuma Asogi - Samurai on a Mission
  8. Pursuit - A Great Turnabout

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