Gang Beasts (Original Soundtrack) - doseone & Bob Larder (2xLP Vinyl Record)


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The soundtrack to Gang Beasts is a whomping, synthy, neon laser fantasy thrill/chill ride.

Musically, it wobbles just like the gelatinous fighters in-game – vacillating between bass heavy, dance party bounty and electric rock riffs. When married with 4-player frenzy, it’s motivating and energetic – a perfect compliment to the on-screen action. Blasting this record outside of gameplay, however, is an entirely new sensation designed to take full advantage of your living room speaker set up. You’ll feel beat-drenched thumps in your chest, yet at the same time, be awash in a soothing trance of relaxation.

To be clear: doseone & Bob Larder have crafted one of the coolest, sickest vibe-setting album experiences in gaming history. Period.

  • 2xLP
  • 180-gram
  • Classic Black Vinyl
  • Music by doseone & Bob Larder
  • Album Art by Fat Knack

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