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Far Cry 6 (Original Game Soundtrack) - Pedro Bromfman (3xLP Vinyl Records)


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Laced Records and Ubisoft Toronto have banded together to bring Far Cry 6’s soundtrack to good old-fashioned vinyl records.

This Standard Edition features black discs, with two LPs covering the original score and one including in-world music tracks. 48 specially mastered tracks will be pressed onto heavyweight vinyl, which will come housed in spined inner sleeves that slip into a silver laminated wide-spined outer sleeve. Sleeve artwork was created by the Ubisoft Toronto team.

Lead composer Pedro Bromfman’s credits include three seasons of Netflix’s Narcos, Need For Speed: Heat and Max Payne 3. Having grown up studying the beautiful and soulful music of the Caribbean and Latin America, he brought his particular experience with stringed Latin instruments to bear on Far Cry 6’s score. Bromfman carefully layers Spanish guitar, Cuban tres, Bolivian ronroco and more atop oppressive dark ambient and percussive elements, creating music that evokes a nuanced blend of sadness, anger and hope — contrasting the menace of El Presidente with the spirit of the guerrillas.

The vinyl set includes a selection of diegetic and in-game radio tracks that serve to immerse the player in the vibrant setting of Yara. This in-world body of music is lead by two exceptional composers: Cuban-Canadian jazz master Hilario Duran created faithful Afro-Caribbean street ensemble pieces; while composer-producer Ariel Contreras-Esquivel recorded a real military band for his fictional national anthem “Himno Nacional Yarano” and other militaristic marches.

It was a priority for the Far Cry 6 music team to truthfully represent the latino spirit, and highlight authentic Latin American and Afro-Latin artists from off the beaten path. Venezuelan rapper Gabylonia (with backing by Peruvian producer Rilabeats) contributes “Camino Revolucionario” and “Carta al Tirano”, the latter performed during the chaotic in-game Máximas Matanzas hip-hop show. American-Puerto Rican emcee from Brooklyn Nitty Scott lays down the law with hip-hop track “Pelo”; Qbanoamerikano Pico pays tribute to Buena Vista Social Club with “Cuba Linda”; singer Diana Fuentes and rapper El Micha, both Cuban, performed pop number “Canción Bonita”; while Cuban reggaetón star El Chacal brings the party with “Talento Y Dinero”.

Other tracks on the third vinyl include specially recorded alt-history covers of classics “Mambo Italiano” (“Mambo Yarano”), African American folk song “Sea Lion Woman” (“See-Line Woman”) and Italian protest song “Bella Ciao” (“El Bella Ciao de Libertad”.)

Release Notes

  • 48 original score and diegetic + radio tracks from Far Cry 6
  • Traditional black vinyl
  • Deluxe 3mm spined disc sleeves
  • Silver laminated wide-spined outer sleeve
  • Music by Pedro Bromfman, Hilario Duran, Ariel Contreras-Esquivel, Gabylonia, Nitty Scott, Qbanoamerikano Pico, El Micha & Diana Fuentes, El Chacal, and more
Track List

Disc 1 (original score)

Side A

  1. The Lucky One
  2. A Horse and Some Paint
  3. Batter Up
  4. '67
  5. We Are Lions
  6. You’re in the West Now
  7. El Presidente

Side B

  1. Libertad
  2. Meeting on the Mound
  3. My War
  4. The Sword and the Hero
  5. Viva Clara
  6. Rise of the Revolution
  7. El Este
  8. Antón

Disc 2 (original score)

Side C

  1. Meet the Band
  2. War is Over
  3. Tiger and Cub
  4. The Tourist
  5. Rebuild Paradise
  6. Valle de Oro
  7. La Espada
  8. Reunion
  9. Los Montero

Side D

  1. Fist of the Revolution
  2. The Guerrilla
  3. Supremo
  4. The Lion and the Lamb
  5. Madrugada
  6. Outcast
  7. The Poison
  8. Balaceras
  9. Arrival
  10. Viva Libertad

Disc 3 (diegetic and radio tracks)

Side E

  1. Camino Revolucionario by Gabylonia
  2. Cancion Bonita by El Micha, Diana Fuentes
  3. Yara Para Todos by Hilario Duran
  4. Sueños de Libertad by Porfi Baloa
  5. El Bella Ciao de Libertad by La Sonora Yarana
  6. Cuba Linda by Qbanoamerikano Pico
  7. See-Line Woman (Cover) by Yolanda Castillo

Side F

  1. La Barbarie by Barbaro El Urbano Vargas
  2. Talento Y Dinero by El Chacal
  3. Pelo by Nitty Scott
  4. Carta al Tirano by Gabylonia
  5. Latina by PUMVA
  6. Mambo Yarano by La Sonora Yarana-Rosa Mel
  7. Himno Nacional Yarano by Ariel Contreras

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