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Deity Quest (Original Game Soundtrack) - Chase Bethea (Compact Disc)


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Materia Collective is proud to present the original soundtrack from the light-hearted RPG, Deity Quest, developed by Fancy Fish Games.

Play as an overgod to gain followers on your quest for Aberos, all set to the music by composer Chase Bethea.

"I have composed every theme by reaching deep within my childhood roots of the greatest rpgs I have played and adding my own sound niche. This is by far the most music I have ever written for a game. I hope you enjoy it." - Chase Bethea




  1. Divinity
  2. Onslaught!
  3. Taiga - Forest Theme
  4. The Hollow Cavern
  5. Cryptic Dungeon
  6. Sandy Coasts
  7. The Permafrost Alps
  8. Hills of Grandeur
  9. Win Them Over - World Map Theme
  10. Bog of Aberos
  11. Ethereal Graduation
  12. Follow Up! - Victory Theme
  13. Follow Up! - Part II
  14. City in the Sky
  15. Lava Mass
  16. Tumbos of the Grimm
  17. Tak's Proposal
  18. Lindi's Deal
  19. Partially Defeated
  20. The Trials of Ell
  21. Vysara's Proving Grounds
  22. The Death of a Deity - Part II
  23. The Eccentric Ruses of Boudri
  24. Deranged - Aia's Theme - Extended Version
  25. Nimiah's Alibi
  26. The Duel of Omegas
  27. Game Over
  28. Celestial Tournament
  29. Triumphant

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