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Cris Tales (Original Game Soundtrack) - Tyson Wernli (Compact Disc)


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Black Screen Records has teamed up with Modus Games to release Tyson Wernli’s beautiful soundtrack to Cris Tales - a gorgeous, indie love letter to classic JRPGs developed by Dreams Uncorporated & SYCK – on limited edition gold/white marbled & translucent curacao double vinyl and 2xCD this year. The vinyl comes in a beautiful gatefold sleeve and includes a Bandcamp Code for the full digital soundtrack (70 songs!) 

Composer Tyson Wernli grew up inspired by the music of Yasunori Mitsuda, Nobuo Uematsu, and Koji Kondo and with Cris Tales, Wernli set out to create a soundtrack which paid homage to the games of his childhood while also establishing his own voice in the genre through use of leitmotifs, strong rhythms, and lyrical melodies.

Experience Past, Present, and Future simultaneously in this gorgeous, indie love letter to classic JRPGs. Discover a unique combination of branching stories, innovative combat, and classic RPG gameplay in Cris Tales’ exciting and unforgettable exploration of how our actions echo through time. Join the newly awakened Time Mage, Crisbell, and her fantastical companions in a fantasy world facing a grim future. The powerful Time Empress and her forces threaten to bring about a cataclysm tearing apart Crystallis and the other four Kingdoms of the region. For more info about the game check out

Track List
  1. The Tale's Introduction
  2. The Cathedral of the Mothers
  3. The Journey Across the World
  4. The Maestro's Message
  5. The Anticipation of the Fight
  6. The Timeless Battle
  7. The Moment of Victory
  8. The Campsite Conversation
  9. The Forest Glade
  10. The Decisive Battle
  11. The Floodside District
  12. The Walled City of Saint Clarity
  13. The Sewer Shortcut
  14. The Innovative Engineer
  15. The Corrupt Cathedral
  16. The Wild Cat Armory
  17. The Roaming Merchant
  18. The Red Rivers of Mt. Thysia
  19. The Mayor's Resolve
  20. The General's Last Stand
  21. The Time Empress Waltz
  22. The Faithful Fashionista
  23. The Cathedral Conversation
  24. The Ransacked Residence
  25. The Salt and the Sanctuary
  26. The Ancient City of Neva Tulira
  27. The Hidden Library
  28. The Battle of Attrition
  29. The Meddling Magician
  30. The Mansion Mystery
  31. The Seafaring Stiletto
  32. The Witness at Rainbow Lake
  33. The Crow's Murder
  34. The Town of Cinder
  35. The Remains of Cineza
  36. The Concealed Castle
  37. The Fire in the Forge
  38. The Forgotten Cathedral
  39. The Magician's Prestige
  40. The Sanctum Under Siege
  41. The Battle to Defeat Destiny
  42. The Dragon Rider
  43. The Battle Against Time
  44. The Revealed Ruins
  45. The Ruins of Narim
  46. The Ruins of Saint Clarity
  47. The Ruins of Neva Tulira
  48. The Ruins of Cinder
  49. The Final Battle
  50. The Tale's Conclusion
  51. The Bitter Defeat
  52. The Sleepy Sojourn
  53. The Crystal Break
  54. The First Nightmare
  55. The General's Resignation
  56. The Second Nightmare
  57. The Rainbow Lake Reflection
  58. The Catastrophe Questioned
  59. The Birdnapping
  60. The Dragon's Awakening
  61. The Empress Clocks Out
  62. The Catastrophe Confirmed
  63. The Deception Unveiled
  64. The Deceitful Conceit
  65. The Reset Button
  66. The Angelic Agreement
  67. The Sacrifice
  68. The Win-Win Scenario
  69. The World Restored
  70. The Timeline Restored

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