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Botanicula (Original Game Soundtrack) - DVA (1xLP Vinyl Soundtrack)


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Soundtrack for point & click exploration game Botanicula from Amanita design.
Excellence in audio award on Independent Games Festival 2012

The package includes:

  • 1 LP 180 gram audiophile vinyl
  • 3 art prints by Jaromír Plachý (29x29 cm)
  • a coupon with a code to download MP3/FLAC version of the album
Track List

A1 Juchu
A2 Lekacka
A3 Letejono
A4 Houby
A5 Crab
A6 Mr Lanterns Mixtape Part 1
A7 I Was Born As Frankenstein
A8 Level 3
A9 Bunky

B1 Lala
B2 Melodika
B3 Beetleman
B4 Mrs Mushroom Likes LCD Soundsystem
B5 Nocni Jazz
B6 I'm The Pacman
B7 A Major For 12 Frogs
B8 Cinem
B9 Zatoichi
B10 Finale

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