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Beastars (Original Soundtrack) - Satoru Kosaki (Compact Disc)


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BEASTARS Season 1 gets a luxurious deluxe CD edition befitting its reputation as one of Netflix's finest originals.

Composed by well-known Japanese soundtrack composer Satoru Kosaki (Monogatari series, Fireworks, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya), this CD release is an eclectic musical mix with plenty of distinctive jazz-infused vibes.

Due to licensing restrictions, Materia Store is unable to ship this product to ASIA. 

Track List:
  2. BEASTARS -classical-
  3. Cannibalism
  5. Impending Darkness
  6. Devour This…
  7. BEASTARS -Another Side-
  8. Many Stories
  9. The Limits
  10. President of the Academy
  11. Cherryton Academy
  12. Harlequin Rabbits
  13. The Status of a Hero
  14. Hope of This World
  15. The Garden of Temptation
  16. Impatience
  17. Animal’s Whisper
  18. ROUIS’s Heart
  19. A Tale of Moon
  20. My Life to the Fullest
  21. ROUIS’s Feelings
  22. Whereabouts of Truth
  23. My True Self
  24. Carnivores
  25. One and the Same
  26. Bite Me!
  27. BEASTARS -pf solo-
  28. A Tale of Moon -feel-
  29. Harlequin Rabbits -reprise-
  30. Renewed LEGOSHI
  31. Herbivores Instinct
  32. Two Animals
  33. My True Self -slow-
  34. Invisible World
  35. Back Market
  36. The Keeper
  37. LEGOSHI’S Feelings
  38. A Tale of Moon -reprise-
  39. Carrot and Stick
  40. We Are Chicken
  41. JUNO is in Love
  42. ROUIS’s Heart -remember-
  44. Invasion
  45. Fighting Animals
  46. BEASTARS -will-
  47. JUNO is in Love -adult-
  48. BEASTARS -wolf and rabbit-

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