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Alien Storm (Original Soundtrack) - Keisuke Tsukahara (1xLP Vinyl Record)


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For the twentieth release in their numbered series of archival game scores, Data Discs are pleased to present the Mega Drive classic, Alien Storm. With audio sourced from the original hardware and artwork drawn from the SEGA archives in Japan, Alien Storm is a fun, often strange mix of FM synth grooves and sample-based rhythms, wrapped in a sound palette that is instantly recognizable and most succinctly described as “Mega Drive, 1991.”

Alien Storm is presented as a 180g vinyl edition, cut at 45RPM and packaged in a heavyweight sleeve, featuring textured “alien tentacles” that are both embossed and spot glossed on the front and rear. It is also accompanied by a heavyweight lithographic print and an obi strip.

Green LP Variant

Track List

A1. Break Out
A2. Player Select
A3. “Theme BUSTERS”
A4. Cybernate-Q
A5. Noise of Act!
A6. That’s G. G.
A7. We are “BUSTERS”
A8. Speed Queen!
A9. Dark Alley

B1. Here We Go Go!
B2. “Beyond” Dance
B3. Neuropath
B4. Cybernate-P
B5. Tireless
B6. Ulcer
B7. Nuclear Dance!
B8. Oh My Buddha! (Game Over)

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